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Young Composers 2013

This year was our first time trying our a Summertime Young Composers program, and I was very impressed with each participant's hard work and creativity! I think this is definitely something we will be offering in the future for those who are interested in creating their own music!

Why Do I Teach Music?

It was recently pointed out to me by a friend who studies business and success models, that the businesses that are most likely to succeed are the ones that know WHY they do what they do as opposed to just WHAT they do. As I am preparing to hire a third piano instructor, and Dawn's Piano grows, I find myself thinking about why I started doing this in the first place.

Summer Stars Online Music Festival 2013

One of the opportunities we opened up this summer was an online music festival that includes a competition. This was the second annual festival hosted by . All participants had to do is prepare a piece, film it and submit it via youtube for judging. I had three students participate this year, and am hoping for more next year! Here are their videos. 

Young Composers

This will be the 8th summer of the Young Composers Project where your piano kid will get to expand their music learning into a new and exciting direction! During this project, students will learn composing technics and theories, and will be coached through creating an original piece. Each student will publish their notated sheet music and an audio recording as part of our studio book & album. At the end of the project, a digital download of the completed book and audio album will be email to studio parents.

Musical Project from Ireland

I figured it was high time I did another post about my own musical projects. My newest pet project is an Irish flute I picked up in Killarney. I found it at a hole-in-the-wall music shop we came across on the honeymoon.

Introducing your new piano teacher, Mrs. Ivers!

As many of you know, I just got married! We are very happy and excited, and really enjoyed seeing so many of my students at the ceremony and reception. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Naturally, music was a large part of the ceremony for us.