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Annual Highlights 2022

I haven't done one of these posts in a couple years, and I realized I missed doing it! Even if it's for no one else's sake than my own, it's really fun to look back over the year to remember and delight in the different things students have accomplished throughout the studio year.  So I'm inviting you to have a look back with me and celebrate some of the highlights and student accomplishments from the 2022 year in the piano studio!  Winter Piano Parties Our first event of the year in January 2022 was a piano party! These bi-monthly events give students an opportunity to dig into some different musical topics that may not always get a spotlight in lessons. This year we've had 5 piano party themes with a full house each time: Rhythm, Music History, Music Theory Game Night, Look Inside the Piano and, most recently, Improvisation!  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dawn's Piano (@dawnspiano) Preschool Student Central In the first