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"Just Improvise"

As the holiday season draws near, I can already feel the pace of life picking up. While Southern California is one of the only places you can have your heater on with a sweater one day, and your AC with a t-shirt the next in winter, the seasons are nonetheless changing. Grateful that I don't have to drive through snow to reach my students, I still feel winter approaching.

iPad and Piano? I think YES!

One of the resources that I use for games, videos and theory tutorials in piano lessons is this website with a huge collection of resources created and made available by a piano teacher in Canada. Most of the games my students always ask me to play are from this site. "Funny Farm" ring a bell anyone? One of her newer additions that has really intrigued me is her series of lessons, games and even an app for the iPad.

Recital and the WTC

Thank you everyone for a great Recital! I was very proud of everyone's performances, and grateful for all the help I received in coordinating it. This month's post will be inspired by my song choice from the recital. As my piano teacher from high school will attest, I always hated to play Bach. His music is very intellectual, but it is not as overtly passionate as other periods and composers. I told myself it was unninovative and not interesting enough to play. However, in the years since then, I began to hear the brilliance in Bach’s music.