At a Glance: 
Fall 2018-Spring 2019 
Tuesday, August 7th - Lessons Begin
September 10th - Studio Group Class - GAMES! Theory & Musical Terms
October 31st - Halloween (lessons can be rescheduled to Monday 10/29, or any other available openings that week)
FALL RECITAL - November 3rd
November 5th - Studio Group Class - Music History
No lessons November 19th-23rd - Thanksgiving

No lessons December 22nd - January 5th - Christmas Break

January 7th - Studio Group Class - Young Composers kick-off
March 4th - Studio Group Class - Performance Masterclass
No Lessons March 11th-15th - Spring Break
KMTA Music Progressions Assessments TBD 
Lessons end April 26th, 2018
April 27th - SPRING RECITAL at 1:30pm at McPherson Free Methodist Church

April 29th-May 31st - Studio Break

Summer Session 2019

June 3rd-June7th Espressivo Piano Camp (included in Summer Session fees)
June 10th - Summer Session begins
July 8th - Studio Group Class - Rhythm Cups
July 26th - Session Ends