To nurture a love of music in my students, while teaching a comprehensive understanding of music theory, technique and expression. 

Creative Teaching: Using innovative piano methods, lessons are adapted to the student's interests & learning needs. 
Dual Pricing: In offering both private & group lesson packages, the studio is able to offer different pricing tiers while still providing quality music instruction to every single student.
Multiple Lesson formats: I am excited to offer online lessons for students out of my immediate area, and to use recorded video lessons to ensure that students can continue their progress, even when schedules get busy, or weather or sickness prevent them from attending their regular lesson time. 

Mixing traditional teaching methods with exposure to a variety of genres and styles including classical, pop, jazz and improvisation, students learn sight reading alongside lead sheets and composing. Using games and musical activities, we can reinforce music theory, and both ear and eye training. The focus is on the joy of discovery and partnering with students in their learning process, and playing lots of duets to increase awareness of harmony and rhythm.

First and foremost, I love music, and want you to love it too. Experience has shown me that those who take joy from making music carry it into the rest of their lives. I work hard to find the music students will love, and teach them the skills they'll need to harness that gift.

The studio is centrally located in McPherson. Click here for directions. 

About Me 
I have been teaching piano, and loving it, since 2006. I started out as travel teacher in the San Gabriel Valley while attending UCLA, and transitioned to a hybrid online & home studio when I relocated to McPherson, Kansas in 2018. (Which means this studio can teach students all over the country as well as in our local community!) I am a regular contributor to the Piano Parent Podcast, and have been featured on the TopMusic podcast, the Alfred blog, and in the McPherson Sentinel. When I am not in the studio, I am an avid reader who enjoys cooking, gardening, a warm cup of tea, snuggling with my cat Philo, and dreaming of my next travel adventure with my husband, Kevin.