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Resources for Building Musicianship

In the Spring of each year students in our studio have the opportunity to participate in KMTA's Music Progressions. This is a musicianship evaluation that has 10 progressive levels, I won't get too far into the particulars because you can find  more information here.  But a big part of that musicianship is demonstrating an understanding of Music Theory both on paper and by analyzing what we are hearing. This blog post is a resource round-up of some leveled exercises that can help build these Theory & Listening skills.  All these exercises have been created on , which is an excellent free resource for teachers and students alike. These are designed to be a quick review or check-in on a concept, so each exercise is only 10 questions. And they don't even require you being near a piano. If your piano kid tries some, and would like to email me the codes with their scores, please do! I'll enjoy seeing their progress. Level 1 - Note names on keyboard and s

Can Adults take Piano too?

A lot of my marketing tends towards lessons for children (which is mostly just because they go in for brag photos more than adults do). And while childhood piano lessons are a big focus of the studio, we also have at least half a dozen adult learners on the roster at any one time. And because I believe playing piano is valuable and beneficial at any age, I'd love to start to see more adults giving it a try! So I wanted to use this first blog post of 2023 to make known some of the offerings this studio has for adult students. If you've been curious about starting piano lessons, or perhaps encouraging a friend or family member to look into it, let this be your motivation to get started. Am I too old to learn? Perhaps you've always wanted to play piano, but never had the opportunity to start. I'm here to assure you that it's not too late. Currently my oldest student is in their late 70's! If you're feeling hesitant though, this article about the joy of being an