Young Composers

We're heading into the studio's 10th summertime Young Composers Project where your piano kid will get to expand their music learning into a new and exciting direction!

During this project, students will learn composing technics and theories, and will be coached through creating an original piece. Each student will publish their notated sheet music and an audio recording as part of our studio book & album. At the end of the project, a digital download of the completed book and audio album will be email to studio parents.

Creating your own music is a terrific experience for young musicians. So much of learning an instrument is technique, music theory and playing music written by people you've never met. All of this is important to becoming a well-rounded musician, but I also think it's really important to exercise your creative muscle when learning an art form. AND, writing music is a great way to put some of that music theory to work in a new direction. So while we do practice playing creatively regularly in lessons, the Young Composers Project just takes that thinking one step further in formalizing and publishing the creative work. Students get to see what its like taking a musical piece from conception to completion and publication.

 Several Southern California area students who have participated in the past have gone on to win awards and recognition in the Reflections Art Competition at their local school and district levels. I am so proud of these achievements, and the validation that this offers young musicians in exercising their creativity is incredibly valuable.

And the best thing is, this program is INCLUDED in your summer session tuition.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you'd like to reserve your spot for the summer session today!  

View our completed Young Composers Projects at the links below!