Why Do I Teach Music?

It was recently pointed out to me by a friend who studies business and success models, that the businesses that are most likely to succeed are the ones that know WHY they do what they do as opposed to just WHAT they do. As I am preparing to hire a third piano instructor, and Dawn's Piano grows, I find myself thinking about why I started doing this in the first place.

So, why do I teach piano? Well, I could post a pretty extensive list of articles and studies about the cognitive effects of studying music as a child, like this one by the New York times, but those would only be a small part of the true reason WHY I chose to teach piano.

So then, why?

I do this because I know how music has enriched my life, and I want to offer that enrichment to a new generation of musicians. For me, playing the piano has always been a very important form of self-expression, creativity and a very sincere way of connecting with other people.

I do this because I love working with children. I love their spontaneity, and the way they see the world. I enjoy watching them grow, learn and succeed. They find such joy in new experiences, and their excitement and energy is infectious (even if it sometimes leaves me worn out at the end of the day). And they constantly cause me to learn new things.

I do this because I want to carry on the legacy of my piano teachers, who were fun and passionate and knew just how to build me up and spur me forward. Growing up, most of my peers stopped taking lessons by the time we were in Jr. High, and I never could understand why. Then I heard them talk about what lessons were like for them.

I do this because I want to change the way music lessons are viewed, so that students look forward to them instead of dreading them. I want to place the emphasis on the value of what is being learned, and how fulfilling music can be, instead of reaching a certain level or passing a certain test.

I do this because, on some level, I truly believe that music can make us better people, it can bring us closer together and create community. It teaches perseverance and self-discipline. I feel it increases empathy, self-awareness and understanding. Music builds bridges, both within us and among us.

So, I guess to sum it up simply, it's right there in the "Goals" section on the About page of this website. Why do I teach? I do this because I want to nurture a love of music in our students, while teaching keyboard theory and technique. I believe all the rest will follow.

Thank you for giving me the chance to pursue this dream.