Young Composers 2013

This year was our first time trying our a Summertime Young Composers program, and I was very impressed with each participant's hard work and creativity! I think this is definitely something we will be offering in the future for those who are interested in creating their own music!
Composition and musical creativity is to my mind very important to a well-rounded musical education, and helps create whole, lifelong musicians. I am very proud of each of my students who tried out their first official composing experience starting with a small musical idea, and working with it, and teasing it out until they published completed sheet music and an audio recording of their piece!

And Congratulations to Katie, Audrey J & Luke who received awards at both their school and district levels in the Reflections Art Competition!

And here is a link to the complete Young Composers 2013 collected sheet music. 
And here is the folder of audio tracks performed by each student composer. 

Great job everyone! Stay tuned for next summer's album!