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So, Why Are Piano Recitals Such a Big Deal?

I recently came across a post about all the benefits of piano recitals on a music teacher blog I follow. I decided to copy them down here, because Piano Recitals really are terrific moments for building character, confidence, and pride in hard work and a job well done. But we might not always think about all the potential benefits, even if they are worth considering when you're figuring out how to fit a recital into your family's busy schedule. You can see where I got the list on Teach Piano Today , or just keep scrolling to see it all here. 

Piano Book Club for the Win

Sometime in the summer of 2015, I finally got around to signing up for a Piano Book of the Month Club with Teach Piano Today. I'd had my eye on it for a while, but never committed. The first book I received was called the Silver Screen Playbook. These were exciting pieces modeled on film scores, perfect for keeping teens engaged for the summer, and I was immediately hooked. Fortunately, so were my students!