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Resolve - New Original Music

One of my favorite time of year is when I get to work on composing with my students. But it has been some time since I exercised my own creative muscle to create an original piece of music. I do play and improvise on a regular basis, but I realized recently that taking an idea from start to finish, and formalizing it by publishing sheet music is not something I've done in some time. So this year, I have been working to nurture my creativity. I continued my ballet classes, started to draw (very badly), paint & write more often and generally make time and space in my life to let my creative side out. And it's finally trickling over into my music. I came up with this musical theme during a particularly frustrating month where I felt very tired and overwhelmed. I found myself playing it several times, and it sort of became my little rallying cry for pulling through that time and coming out on the other side having experienced some personal growth. So here is my origin