Young Composers 2015

Composing and creativity is such a critical component of being a well-rounded musician. It is a terrific way to flip our learning and apply the theory that we cover so often in a new and inventive way. It gives us a special space for creativity, and opens up a discussion about the components of music like melody, harmony, rhythm, motifs and cadences to name a few. Being able to celebrate the accomplishment that each of our Young Composers makes each year is so very important for building their confidence in music and performance. So I proudly present the 2015 program's finished results:

The Young Composers 2015 project was our largest group yet with 24 participants, and we are excited and thrilled by the finished products!

And you can click here view the sheet music notation of each piece.
You can listen to the original recordings with the audio player below or on SoundCloud

Special shout-outs to Isabella, Luke, Caroline & Katie who all won 1st prize at the Reflections art competition at each of their schools. And again to Isabella, Katie and Caroline who won 1st place and honorable mention at their district levels, respectively. Way to go all of you!

If you would like to know more about this supplement to summertime lessons, click here, or feel free to contact us!