2018 Highlights

This will be the last post for 2018! I can't believe we're already here. Since the studio will be on break the next couple weeks, the blog will be going silent until January as well. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful, peaceful break with your families. And like last year, I'm using this final post of 2018 to highlight some of the truly awesome things you all have accomplished this year. 

This year has definitely seen a lot of change for the studio. Here are some of the highlights!

  • On April 22nd, we had our final Recital in California where with both Aki & Mallory. With over 100 students performing, and trying to say good-bye since I was heading off towards Kansas the following day, we barely finished the show before the library kicked us out, and stayed talking in the parking lot well after the library's closing time. That Recital was very dear to me, and despite it being a crazy, hectic & overwhelming day, I treasured getting to see each student perform. 
  • A few weeks after arriving at my new home, the McPherson Area Piano Teachers' League invited me to participate with 3 other teachers in running their first ever Espressivo Piano Camp. It was a terrific experience for students & teachers alike!
  • The studio began offering Online Lessons!
  • The studio also began offering Group Lessons or 'buddy lessons' (something I have wanted to try FOREVER), and they have been so much fun! 
  • After 6 new students enrolled at the first Open House, the Dawn's Piano studio was officially Open for Business in Kansas, and lessons began the first week of June. 
  • In August, Dawn's Piano began participating with the Arts After School non-profit in teaching keyboard & modern band. 
  • Dawn gave an interview to the Creative Piano Teaching Podcast.
  • Dawn also joined two teacher chats on the Piano Parent Podcast. The first on the importance of practicing within 24 hours of a lesson, and the second on preschool lessons.
  • Heading into the Fall Session, we saw 100% retention of students from the summer session, and continued to add students until we had a waitlist for in-demand times. Thank you McPherson for showing me you really can support a full-time studio!
  • Heading into the Fall we also launched the 20 Piece Challenge to motivate practice. At the time I am writing this we have already seen 4 students complete it!
  • Several compositions & arrangements were added to the sheet music store we launched last year: Turning - Autumn Collection, Million Dreams, Tightrope, Let it Snow [updated], and October was the highest month of sales to date!
  • On November 3rd, we had our first ever Broadcast Recital
  • On December 15th, 7 students from our studio performed in the Multi-Piano & Guitar Christmas Festival. 
Whew! What a year. And we made a lot of really great music along the way. Here are some of the video highlights from students.

And last, but definitely not least, is a video with highlights from a few of our students who participated in the Multi-Piano Christmas Festival. Featured are Logan, Kingston, Julianna & Joshua. Everyone who played did beautifully, and should be very proud of participating in their first ever public performance just a few months after starting lessons.
And these are just some of the moments I manage to record during lessons. Each week we get to have fun, reach milestones, and grow in our musical journey together. I can't wait to see what new heights you all reach in 2019! Until then, Happy New Year!