20 Piece Practice Challenge - Free Printable!

I am so excited to dive into the '18-'19 school year starting next week. And one way we'll make it fun heading into the fall is with a practice challenge. 

Last year was my first year trying out a studio-wide practice challenge, and I loved the energy and motivation that it brought to my piano students throughout the year. Even my most reluctant practicers had spurts where they were goal-driven and focused on working pieces to completion. So I'm doing it again this year! 

Now, I know that the studio is just starting back up, and I'm trying not to be too overzealous. So here's my challenge to each of this year's students: 
Learn 20 pieces by the end of the term on April 26th.

And that's it. Now I know the first question my students will ask when I introduce this to them is "what do I get if I do it?" 

Well, I have answers. 

If you complete your 20 piece challenge, you will get:
  • A certificate of achievement presented to you on-stage at the recital
  • Your name up on the studio wall of fame
  • And when you've made it halfway, you will get a brag photo on the Dawn's Piano social media pages. 
And if every single student in the studio completes their practice challenge, we will have an ICE CREAM PARTY for the reception of the year-end recital. (Online students, if we do an online peer recital instead of a separate Pasadena area recital, I will send you a $5 gift card to an ice cream shop in your area.)

And for the for the piano teachers reading this, if you'd like to try your own 20 piece challenge, you can enter your email below to receive the free printable materials that I am using. And be sure to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know how it goes!