Fall Broadcast Recital - Replay

This Saturday, the studio hosted it's first ever Broadcast Recital (learn more about why we chose this recital format here), and if you missed it, that's ok, because here is where you can watch the video replay! 

(the first 3 minutes are just a still shot so people could join the live broadcast before it began, if you want to skip that the show starts at 3:00)

Order of Performers: 

Sam W ..... Jolly Pumpkin
Sloan S ..... Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Brooklynn I ..... I Love Coffee, arr. by Bernard & Carolyn Shaak
Elsie W ..... Climbing the Music Ladder
Enzo S ..... Charlie Chipmunk, Julie Knerr
Gentri C ..... Spring Song, Vivaldi, arr. by Eklund
Kingston S ..... Outer Space, Julie Knerr
Emory W ..... Largo, Dvorak 
Joshua L ..... Pop Boss, Andrea Dow
Ivan M ..... Fort Knight, Andrea Dow
Logan H ..... Secret Mission, Melody Bober
Elliot S ..... Million Dreams, Benj Pasek, arr. by Dawn Ivers
 Luke A ..... Professor King's Celebrated All-Purpose Exceptional Invigorating Effectacious Good Time Spirited Composition For The Modern Piano Forte, James L. King III
Tamara M ..... Improvisation, Rick Robertson
Adam M ..... Avenger's Theme, Alan Silvestri
Ruby T ..... Mozart's Melody, Mozart, arr. by Eklund
Josiah L ..... On a Journey, Lisa Shoemaker
Megan L ..... Twisted Hammer, Andrea Dow
Lily H .... Wind, Five Treasure Island

Autrefois (In Olden Days) by Rick Robertson