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Sankta Lucia Piano Arrangement

December 13th is Sankta Lucia Day! For those of you who may not know, I come from a long line of Swedes on my mom's side. And this is a holiday celebrated in Scandinavia, traditionally with a procession of children led by the Lucia singing this traditional song.

Young Composers 2016

We did it! We've wrapped up another successful season of composing and recording original pieces of music. Well done to all our Young Composers for their hard work and creativity! Creating music is a wonderful, fun and sometimes trying activity. It teaches us patience with ourselves, and makes us look at all the music theory that we've learned with fresh eyes as we try to apply it to the sounds and melodies we hear in our head. You can read more about our annual Young Composers program here. You can view the finished book of the collected sheet music here . And you can listen to our 2016 Album with the player below (click "listen in browser" if you're on mobile), or on SoundCloud And a special shout out to Elsa, who won 1st place in the Reflections Art Competition for her composition "Coconut."

Summer Stars 2016

Each summer we offer students the option to participate in the Making Music Fun! Summer Stars Music Festival.  This year we had a record of 7 students sign up, and, amidst the summer camps and vacations, everyone found the time to work hard preparing for their submissions. All the practice pa i d off because this is definitely one of the strongest presentations this studio has made at this competition! I've just sent off the final submissions, and here they are for you to enjoy as well:

Dawn's Reading Recommendations

Seeing as how I have been known to take a shift at the Vromans Children's Department on occasion, I have acquired a few favorite children's books that feature music in one way or another.  So as we head into the summer, here are a few of my picks to add to your summer reading lists! 

Follow us on Instagram

We have a lot of fun in our weekly lessons, and we've started sharing these moments on Instagram. Just follow @dawnspiano to see what we're up to each week. You can also join in on the fun and use #dawnspiano to share your amazing musical moments with us. And in the meantime, you can always see our latest photos and videos right here!

So, Why Are Piano Recitals Such a Big Deal?

I recently came across a post about all the benefits of piano recitals on a music teacher blog I follow. I decided to copy them down here, because Piano Recitals really are terrific moments for building character, confidence, and pride in hard work and a job well done. But we might not always think about all the potential benefits, even if they are worth considering when you're figuring out how to fit a recital into your family's busy schedule. You can see where I got the list on Teach Piano Today , or just keep scrolling to see it all here. 

Piano Book Club for the Win

Sometime in the summer of 2015, I finally got around to signing up for a Piano Book of the Month Club with Teach Piano Today. I'd had my eye on it for a while, but never committed. The first book I received was called the Silver Screen Playbook. These were exciting pieces modeled on film scores, perfect for keeping teens engaged for the summer, and I was immediately hooked. Fortunately, so were my students!

Looking back, and some upcoming changes for 2016

As we began 2016, we looked at how our studio has cha nged in the past 6 years sinc e Dawn graduated from UCLA and com mitted to piano teaching full time. (you can see it in the first blog pos t on this website!) Here 's a few of the things we came up with : Dawn has joined up with three amazing associate teachers to be able to provide lessons to many more students in the greater Pasadena area , so that currently we are teaching a bout 120 students/week.