Piano Book Club for the Win

Sometime in the summer of 2015, I finally got around to signing up for a Piano Book of the Month Club with Teach Piano Today. I'd had my eye on it for a while, but never committed. The first book I received was called the Silver Screen Playbook. These were exciting pieces modeled on film scores, perfect for keeping teens engaged for the summer, and I was immediately hooked. Fortunately, so were my students!

In the months following my young beginners have met Sheldon T. Squirrel as he goes Nuts for Note Reading, they've engaged in 'Intervalactic' adventures through space and keyboard intervals. Older beginners have watched the PopWaltz Prophecy unfold, and experienced a Rhythmic Haunting at the piano. Intermediate students have fought Vamp Battles, playing dynamic duets. 

My students have always been excited for new sheet music. Getting to choose a new piece is often a favorite part of lesson. But now, I have some students bordering on obsession who want to learn all of the music by Andrea Dow, like they are collecting pokemon cards or something. And it's absolutely terrific. They are starting to knock out pieces left and right, mastering them in 1-2 weeks. Motivated to practice and retain instead of memorize and move on.

As we are heading toward the Spring Recital at the end of this month, I am looking at the list of pieces we will be performing, and there are more than a few from the Piano Book Club collection. I'm thinking it was definitely a worthwhile investment. 

PS. We still have a few copies of SHHH... Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice, also from Teach Piano Today. It includes 88 different activities for making piano practice absolutely not boring. Engaging, funny and effective, let me know if you are interested in a copy.