Annual Highlights 2022

I haven't done one of these posts in a couple years, and I realized I missed doing it! Even if it's for no one else's sake than my own, it's really fun to look back over the year to remember and delight in the different things students have accomplished throughout the studio year. 

So I'm inviting you to have a look back with me and celebrate some of the highlights and student accomplishments from the 2022 year in the piano studio! 


Piano Parties

Our first event of the year in January 2022 was a piano party! These bi-monthly events give students an opportunity to dig into some different musical topics that may not always get a spotlight in lessons. This year we've had 5 piano party themes with a full house each time: Rhythm, Music History, Music Theory Game Night, Look Inside the Piano and, most recently, Improvisation! 

Preschool Student Central

In the first part of the year we had FIVE new preschool students sign up for lessons, and they are making such amazing strides, one or two will even be ready to make the jump to the Primer level very soon. We're so glad you're a part of the studio Sara, Kape, Sam, Iris & Maeve! 


Spring is traditionally performance season for music students. It's where we get down to business and show off all that we've learned. We had two major events this past Spring where students were given the chance to showcase.

KMTA Progressions

At Progressions students are tested in Music Theory and Listening Skills as well as performing prepared pieces for a facilitator. They are given feedback on their performance, encouraged on the areas they're doing well and given some ideas for how to continue to grow in their music. This year we had 9 students participate in KMTA Progressions. Shout outs to James, Joy, Brooklynn, Allison, Rynn, Evelynn, Wyatt, Bronwyn and Brielle! We saw some wonderful remarks from the facilitators, and one student even got 100% on the theory exam (which is quite rare!). 

Spring Recital

We finished up our Spring Semester with a recital performance given for friends and family. This is a wonderfully validating event for piano students, and gives them the opportunity to build their performance confidence in front of a supportive audience. Attendees were invited to fill out compliment cards for the performers to let them know how much they enjoyed the musical performances. Another highlight of this event is the cookies & punch reception where students can bask in that after-performance glow. I am always so caught up in the event itself that I don't get any pictures. 


Summer is one of my favorite seasons to teach because we've just finished up the Spring performance season, had a short studio break to recharge, and we can have some fun being creative with our music over the summer months. 

Espressivo Piano Camp 

We kicked off summer with an invitation to attend this annual summer day camp for piano students. Piano campers get to explore Music History, Performance, Theory and Composing/Improvisation with other students of their age and level, and meeting other local young musicians really helps to fuel motivation and a sense of community.

One of the highlights from this year's camp was when our guest teacher, Dr. Gustafson, came and taught the piano campers about the organ and even let a few of them play it!

And here's a short video from one of the Improvisation groups having some fun with chord progressions while changing the voices on the digital pianos. 

Young Composers Project

Our summer session changes focus each year to allow students the chance to compose original music. They're coached through creating the music, notating and finally recording a track of their original piece. The collected compositions are published right here


Back to school time! Fall is when we re-establish those practice habits, set some goals for the school year and start to prepare for our Christmas Festival performance. 

Fall Into Music Practice Challenge

To help get back into the routine of practicing we did the September Fall into Music challenge where students try to practice 20 days during the month of September, and we had 22 students, the most students in our studio's history, complete the challenge this year! 

Great job to Nolan, Halle, Hattie, Amanda, Kyla, Gentri, Adelade, Adriana, Bronwyn, Brooklynn, Auriahna, Rynn, Elsie, Emory, Evie, Jensen, Macie, Kape, Brielle, Claire, Miles, and Brekken! 

Spooky Music for Halloween 

Playing some spooky music and exploring minor keys is a really fun part of the fall season. Here's a video of Emory, Miles & Claire playing an ensemble of 'Gastly Beast', a studio favorite from ComposeCreate.

Christmas Festival 

And as I'm writing this post we are preparing for our studio's 5th year participating in the Multi-Piano and Guitar Christmas Festival. By the time this post is published the concert will be finished and we'll have had THIRTY-SEVEN students from Dawn's Piano perform in this year's festival! 

Now we're heading into our final week of lessons for the year where we'll play games, do a musical Christmas Craft and make our playlist of seasonal songs to share over the break. 

Thanks everyone for a wonderful 2022. I can't wait to see what you all accomplish with your music in the new year!