Spring Recital for Online Students 2022

It's Recital Day, hooray! While local students are headed down to our in-person venue, our online student showcase is right here for you to enjoy! 

During our Spring Semester, students with this studio have been working hard during lessons and in home practice to prepare these recital selections and get them recorded to share with you today. I am proud to present our Spring Recital Video featuring students learning online with Dawn's Piano. 

Recitals are when piano students get their big celebratory moment, and having family and friends cheer them on is an incredible validation that what they are learning is important. If you enjoy a particular students performance, let them know by telling them directly, or by adding a comment applauding them in the video's comments. I will be sure any comments are passed on to the students. Thank you for watching, and for making music a valuable part of these students' lives.

Click Image to download a PDF of the program

Some quick updates for current students about how Recitals will work going forward. The piano studio has grown in size the past few years, and we're at the point where putting all students into one recorded video recital would now last at least an hour and a half - which is 30-45 minutes longer than I think is good for a recital. So going forward, each Spring we will be showcasing online students in an online video recital like this one, and local students in an in-person recital. I will not be planning a Fall Recital going forward, and we will instead focus on preparing holiday music for the Multi-Piano Festival for students who are eligible, and all students will learn a playlist of holiday solos as the way to showcase our Fall semester. If you ever have any questions or feedback on your recital experiences, please let me know!