Meaningful Performance Experiences

Childhood performances are a part of so many activities kids do. From dance & music recitals, to school plays and concerts, or karate demonstrations and sporting events, kids are on display a lot.

In the context of piano lessons, I see performances as serving two roles. First is to provide motivation for practice and to celebrate what we've learned with a couple big benchmark events each year. And second, to build some confidence and self-assuredness that will extend beyond piano lessons themselves as students grow up and need to give presentations, do job interviews etc. 

In today's post, I'll be giving some quick ideas for making these meaningful, whether they're the big traditional events, or something online or more individual.  

Make time for it. 

Save the dates for big events when you get them, and do your best to honor both your child's preparation, as well as other performers, by making time to stay for the entire event. If it's an online event, settle in on the couch to watch it together, and maybe grab some fun snacks to make it a little extra cozy.

Support preparation. 

Prioritize lessons and rehearsals during performance prep season, and make sure to support regular home practice by having a good practice space and providing quiet time in the house for the student to focus without distractions. If they need help problem-solving, or you notice difficulties you're not sure how to fix, be sure to collaborate with your teacher on solutions. 

Invite Family & Friends.

Share the event with family and friends who will want to cheer on your child. If they can attend live, great! If they're out of the area, maybe find some ways for them to encourage from a distance by sharing a video. 

Lots of encouragement and praise.

This is probably a no-brainer, but encouragement reinforces the value of what we learn, and knowing that people we love are proud of us is a huge motivator and self-esteem booster. Kids are perceptive though, so don't give them empty praise, find something concrete to compliment them on along with the 'I'm proud of you.'

As we head into the home-stretch of our performance season, I'm looking forward to taking student videos this week, AND seeing all of the collected videos in our video recital next Saturday!