Go To for Popular Music - FM Sheet Music

Anyone who's followed the studio for a while will know that I love to arrange music for my students on request. However, sitting down to arrange a piece of popular music with a specific level in mind, while retaining enough of the song's elements that it sounds right and is still fun to play can sometimes be time consuming. Some weeks, I simply don't have the time to dedicate to arranging and engraving (typing notation) music. On those weeks, enter Jennifer Eklund over at FM Sheet Music. I'm not affiliated with FM Sheet Music in any way, it's just a resource I've come to really appreciate, so I'm sharing about it. Especially as I know students sometimes like to look up and download new pieces on their own, and if that's you, this may be a good place to start. 

So there are lots of places online to buy digital sheet music you can print at home of popular works. Why is FM Sheet Music becoming my go-to? Here's what I like about it. 

  • The arrangements are musical and pianistic. There are lots of amateur and professional arrangers out there, and not all are created equal. Every arrangement I've downloaded from FM Sheet Music has that magical balance of being enjoyable to play on the piano and being a fun version of the song it's intended to be. 
  • Well-engraved. Engraving is the name we use for notating music, and there are good and bad ways to do it. Think of reading an edited book verses and unedited one. The music at FM Sheet Music is consistently good, which means it is easier to read, and this is really important when you're working with young musicians. The fewer hurdles we have to work with, the better. 
  • Multi-leveled options. Most of the songs on FM Sheet Music have versions for beginner, intermediate, late intermediate etc. This makes it easy to find a piece when I have a particular student in mind. 
  • Competitive Price Point. Pricing is competitive, usually around $4.99 per piece, and that's consistent with the going rates from other publishers. So you get all the convenience, quality and flexibility of levels, for the same price. 
As I said earlier, I'm not affiliated with this publisher in any way. I just like to share about things from time to time that make me excited. And if you are a student who likes to download music on your own to play at home (which is fantastic, keep doing it!) add FM Sheet Music to the list of places you check for new arrangements. ;-)