Piano Maestro

Since I am in prep week between the summer and school year sessions, this post is all about how you can prep at home by setting up Piano Maestro, AND how we can use it to encourage practice by enabling the Home Practice challenge. I've had several parents recently ask me about the piano lab set up after watching their kids sit down and be self-motivated to sight read music using the Piano Maestro app. And that's because this app uses the best parts of gaming technology & the psychology of gamification to create an environment where piano students are learning new notes and technic while actively sight reading and practicing on their actual piano (not just interacting with the screen). All the while, they are receiving in-game rewards and milestones that keep them excited to work for excellence and to progress forward.

What you need: A piano (acoustic or digital both work) and an iPad.

First step: let me know that you'd like to try Piano Maestro at home and I will send you a link that will take you to download the app, AND it will automatically connect with your piano kid's avatar on the studio account. This means any progress made at home will show up on the studio account as well. (If you don't want to connect to this studio, you can just download the app here)

Second, set the iPad on the music stand and start your journey. And that's it! The in-game instructions make set up and game play easy and intuitive.

Once your account is linked to the studio account, if you'd like to make Piano Maestro a regular part of home practice, just let me know and I can set weekly Home Challenge assignments for students to work on completing between lessons.

If you don't have an iPad, or are trying to limit your child's screen time, that's quite all right! This is not a necessity for home practice, but rather a possibility for those who would find it helpful to have that gamified motivation for home practice.