What Are Flex Weeks?

If you clicked on the link to this blog post, you're probably wondering what flex weeks are, and how they work in this studio. Here are the answers!

Flex weeks are un-billed lessons that are built into the term where either parents or the studio can cancel a lesson if necessary without the loss of a paid lesson, or the need for a make-up. Basically it offers us that flexibility to take a week off when we need it. We have 4 flex weeks built into the school year session, and 2 built into the summer session. 

If you're interested in seeing how this all calculates into the studio tuition, here's an example of the math based on a past year's* group lesson rate.
  • There are 38 weeks in the term (August through April)
  • 4 weeks are holidays (1 week Thanksgiving, 2 weeks Christmas, 1 week Spring Break)
  • 4 weeks are unbilled flex weeks
  • That leaves us 30 lessons in the term at the all-inclusive (materials included) lesson rate of $18 each.  30 x 18 = 540.
  • The total for the school year session is $540. Divide evenly over the 9 months, and the monthly tuition comes to $60. 
In other words, tuition is figured with the assumption that you will miss a few lessons, so don't sweat it when that happens. The tuition rate is fixed regardless of when in the term a student begins. And if we don't use all the flex weeks, you can end up with a couple free lessons thrown in!

One added bonus: The studio also offers 4 bi-monthly studio wide piano parties on the first Monday of odd-numbered months for those who would like to attend. These can be seen as a way to 'make up' a flex week if you'd like, or just as an extra learning activity. But as there are 4 of them offered throughout the year, they do happen to balance out the number of possible flex weeks. 

If you have any questions about this, or are not sure of how many flex weeks you may have used thus far, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm always happy to answer your questions.

*The lesson cost may change from year to year as the cost of materials & lessons is re-assessed to pace with inflation. These numbers are from the 2018/2019 school year session.