Summer Bridge - Off-the-Bench Practice

Summer means vacations, camps & all kinds of fun activities that get you out and about seeing the world around you! This also means you will be away from your piano while on those trips. So how can students keep up their piano chops? Well, the series of blog posts for June will be all about keeping your kid connected to their music in varied ways during their summer activities. 

This week, I'm linking to some of the articles I've shared on this blog for taking your music with you when you travel.

For Long Haul trips, check out some of these tips for practicing wherever you may be, and the best part about these is, you don't need your instrument.
Practicing Without a Piano

Or for some summer reading recommendations check out these booklist rescources

Summer Reading Recommendations

Books! Great for Off the Bench Practice

Listen to Episode 80 of the Piano Parent Podcast - Booklist Edition 

And stay tuned throughout the month of June for some great on-the-go music education ideas. I've got some really fun youtube channels & apps that I am super stoked to be sharing with you!