Summer Bridge - The Music Show

Reviewing what we've learned is so important for young musicians. And summertime provides the perfect opportunity to pull out your favorite pieces & reinforce what you learned the past year. 

This week I'm sharing a short Youtube series that covers some music theory basics for young music students. The episodes are short, the characters are goofy, and the videos do some great reinforcing of musical concepts like beat, rhythm, rests, high pitch vs low pitch, line & space notes etc. 

There are only 6 episodes so this is a great show to watch a quick episode each day while on a vacation, and if you've got the time, maybe have a quick discussion about what the video is covering with your piano kid. That way, they can pick up right where they left off in the fall.

You can watch the first episode below, or check out the whole playlist here:

The Music Show on Youtube

And stay tuned next week for one of my favorite apps for young piano students to get a great introduction to music history & appreciation!