Summer Bridge - Music Appreciation Videos

Hello all! I hope you're enjoying this month's resources for staying engaged with your music education over the summer months. Today I'm sharing another Youtube playlist that discusses things you may not always encounter in every piano lesson. The videos discuss a broad range of music history, terminology & concepts, and definitely have something to offer to older students. You can learn what classifies one piece of music as an Aria? or a Fugue? A Gregorian Chant? Or you can delve into some music history & learn about the classical periods, or watch some composer bios from Bach & Mozart to John Williams.

It is a widely varied playlist that I'd recommend for intermediate students who are ready for something beyond keyboard basics, and can start to see how what they are learning in lessons will plug them into the larger musical community.

You can watch the first video below to find out what and Aria is, or scroll through the playlist to something that catches your fancy here. 

Music Appreciation Playlist

And that wraps up our Summer bridge series! If you try out any of these resources, be sure to chime in on Facebook, Instagram, or by sending a note to let me know how it went.

Next month I'll be discussing more new studio updates, and starting to gear up for the 2018/2019 school year, which begins in August!