Summer Bridge - Intro to Classical Music App

This app has been in use in my studio for the past several years, and it is such a well-formatted, intuitive introduction to music appreciation & classical music history, that I think it would make a perfect summer bridge activity to keep your elementary piano student engaging with music in new ways over the summer months. 

So, the app works like an animated book with a chapter on selected classical composers, another on the parts of the orchestra & instrument families, and a third on what music is & where you can find it out in the real world. Every page is interactive with illustrations, and text that you can tap to be read aloud, and recordings of the discussed music. This makes for a great format for young students to read on their own. And they can choose navigate through it in order, or pick & choose where to go next from the home page. 

The app is available on both iTunes & Google Play for a very reasonable price (compare to the price of a hardcover picture book), and it fits on your mobile device so you don't have to pack anything extra! 

And if you've got an older piano kid, check out next week's post on a Youtube channel chock full of things for them to explore.