Piano Games

I am very excited to make some of my beginning piano games available for sale (except for the one that's free!). Most of these I made by hand in my early teaching years, until very recently when I decided to spruce them up and make them available for other piano teachers & parents to use too. 

In this great deal. You get all three of the beginning games together in a studio licensed bundle.
Buy Beginning Piano Bundle - $3.00.

Musical Memory is a memory matching game that reinforces
  • sight reading 
  • note values 
  • clef signs
  • spatial memory
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Piano Land is a racing game builds confidence in:
  • keyboard awareness & navigation
  • key names
  • landmark notes (optional for beginners)
Buy Pianoland - $2.00

Hands Down is a board game that assists students in:  
  • Finger Numbers
  • Key & Note Names
  • Putting fingers on the correct keys with confidence! 
Buy Hands Down - $2.00

If you try any of these beginning piano games, tell me what you think about them on Facebook, Instagram or by Email. I would love to hear from you! Here's what others have had to say.

"My students love Pianoland!" - Mallory Byers