Musical Memory - FREEBIE

I hope you all enjoyed our Ship Shape Pianist series, and found some inspiration & motivation to set up 2018 as a productive year of piano study! Heading into February, I thought I'd switch focus to something a little less business-y and a bit more fun. Huzzah! So, this month, I'll be sharing a series of beginning piano games that can be played at home (or in lessons) to supplement early piano study. And the best part, this first one is a free printable!

This game is a classic - a Memory Matching game for music. I started making versions & variations of this game by hand almost as soon as I started teaching 12 years ago, and I have found it to be a very versatile teaching tool that can be played alone, one on one, or in a small group. It can be a great reinforcer of general music knowledge & early theory concepts without making a student feel like they're being drilled. Not to mention, it increases spatial memory, which is so important when playing the piano.

So, without any further ado, this is my tried & true beginner version of Musical Memory. (And the good news for you is that it's now a bit more polished than my early handmade versions.)

And just for fun, here are two of my favorite variations of this game:
  • Specialize the deck to what you want to focus on. For example, I might only leave in the note reading cards & play with those. 
  • Race the clock! For this I might lay out all the note reading cards face up, hand the student the letter name cards and then time them to see how quickly they can place the right name with each note. Then they can try and beat their time the following week. If you want to work on note values, or another concept, just use those cards instead. 
Musical Memory is a part of the Beginning Games Bundle that I am featuring this month for $8, and includes all 3 of the games I'll be releasing. But just for my blog readers, I am also making this game available for free! To receive your digital copy, just enter your email below. The file will be sent with the opt-in email. This is how I make sure you're not a robot, so you only need to click the opt-in button in the email if you actually want to receive future blog updates. (I totally understand if not, we've all got full inboxes these days.)