New (Old) Sheet Music Released

Part of being a piano teacher is helping connect students with the music that they're going to be excited to play. Sometimes that means learning about new-to-them styles of music and as exploring them together with our newfound knowledge, and getting to enjoy the feeling of discovery. Sometimes it means finding sheet music of a piece they already know and love for them to learn. Perhaps they have a favorite popular artist, movie or video game. And every so often, when I can't find just the right arrangement for a student I end up putting one together for them myself. Over the years, this has ended up building a sturdy little collection of sheet music arrangements that I've gradually been publishing as digital sheet music for sale via Hal Leonard's Arrange Me program. Today's blog post is just to let you know that earlier this Fall the sheet music store got a facelift, as well as several new uploads!

Going forward I will probably not be making too many blog posts here about available sheet music, and will focus this blog on piano teaching and studio projects and updates. That means if you're interested in hearing about new arrangements or original compositions, you'll want to be sure to join that mailing list right here.  

So what about all the new music?

Each piece on the new website has a video where you can hear the arrangement as well as links for where to purchase it. Here's what's new:

In movie music, I added music from Disney's Frozen and Pixar's Up.

And from popular artists of the last decade or so, I've added: 

If you want to browse all the available selections, just Click Here to visit the updated Sheet Music Store.