New Christmas Sheet Music

It's Christmastime! And holiday tunes are a major feature in the studio right now as we're learning parts for the Multi-Piano & Guitar Christmas Festival, as well as some special solos to play at those cozy family gatherings. 

Over the years, I've arranged many holiday favorites for student requests, and I've wanted to share these arrangements more broadly for quite a while, but when I first started publishing music through SMP Press, these titles were not among those I could publish. I just recently thought to check again to see if they had been added to the ArrangeMe copyright list - AND THEY HAD! 👏 So today, I am sharing a whole bunch of popular Christmas songs (Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bell Rock, Frosty the Snowman, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree and Winter Wonderland!) arranged for beginning and early intermediate piano solo that are now published with the sheet music available on SheetMusicPlus. Most of these arrangements have been used in this studio for many years, and have become some student favorites. And all of these files come with a lyric sheet just in case of spontaneous holiday singalongs!

(For my students, remember your piano tuition is all-inclusive, so if you're interested in learning one of these, just let me know and we'll get you a copy!)

First in the line up today is Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. I have arranged this piece at 2 levels. Here is the one for primer/beginning pianists. It is set in Middle C position, and has just a few hands together notes at the end of phrases for a little more pizzazz. Any sticky rhythms can easily be learned by rote or ear because the song should be familiar. Sheet Music Here.

And here is the version for later beginner or early intermediates, which includes the introduction of all the reindeer names at the beginning. That intro is a good way to learn to triplets over two beats, because the familiarity of the melody will make it easier for students to feel the timing. Students also get to explore some octave jumps in the bass part. Sheet Music Here.

Second up is Jingle Bell Rock! This piece can offer some real room for growth for beginners because the rhythm takes some coordination and practice, and the melody passes back and forth between the right and left hands. But once mastered, it's a fun, upbeat piece. Sheet Music Here

Frosty the Snowman is arranged here for early intermediates. It has a few fun ornaments in the bass clef to give it a little extra bounce and playfulness. It also has a few octave jumps in the bass part. Sheet Music Here.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree is also arranged here for early intermediate piano. Students can really practice swinging the beat in this crowd pleaser! Sheet Music Here

And finally we have Winter Wonderland also arranged for late beginners/early intermediates. The chromatic bass part in the opening line lends a little extra sophistication to this relaxing holiday piece. Because this piece is in Eb Major, I decided to have the sheet music come with two versions, so depending on the pianist's comfort level with key signatures they can play the version with the traditional key signature - or the version with the key represented as accidentals throughout the piece. Sheet Music Here

And that's the new bundle of Christmas publications from Dawn's Piano! You can browse all of my sheet music of original pieces and arrangements of popular tunes at the Sheet Music Store tab, or