Spring 2021 Video Recital

It's Recital Day! All our performers, from the preschool beginners up through late intermediate and advanced students have worked hard on making wonderful music this year, and they have prepared a great show for us today. Family & friends are invited to tune in as well, so be sure to share viewing info with anyone who will want to cheer on your piano kids.

For students who've been attending lessons in-person, check your piano kid's binder for a recital program like the one pictured here, as well as some compliment cards. The cards will be a great way to bring in a sense of studio community to our online show. And as an extra incentive, students can earn some final beads for their year-end lanyards by writing encouraging compliments to their fellow performers while watching the show. Just bring your filled out cards back to the studio at your lessons next week!

For online students, or anyone else who would like a program, you can download one here. And online students can send any compliments they'd like to be written on cards to my email. I will be sharing all the positive messages we get with students in lessons next week. 

And without any further ado, I am proud to present our 2021 Spring Recital:

Thank you again for joining us for today's show!