My Favorite Musicians

We all know that 2020 has been A YEAR so far, but I just wanted to send out a huge Thank You and some extra encouragement to all my piano families, because as I am sitting down to start writing up our Fall Progress Updates, I am just amazed at all the growth that I'm seeing when I compare to this time last year. Piano students really are my favorite musicians because they are always growing, learning and thoroughly impressing me with their music.

These piano kids have really adapted through the changes this year. They've continued to engage in their learning process, take a little extra ownership where needed while things were online, and have carried that back into the studio with them this Fall. We are already seeing huge strides in confidence, sight reading fluency, forward growth and music theory understanding. 

They have also done such an amazing job adjusting to the studio guidelines and caring for each other by creating a safe studio community for us all to learn and make music in. 

Today, this is a short and sweet blog post that's just an opportunity for me to shout out to some truly amazing students. And to any of my piano parents reading this, I know that a lot of this kind of growth comes down to the practice environment students have at home, so keep up the great work, and thank you for choosing piano as a part of your child's artistic development and musical journey.