Playing Note Rush on Zoom

As you all know, we got to explore a full-time online studio the last 6 weeks of our school year session, and one of my favorite techy things that we managed to do was to use our sight reading apps on the iPads over Zoom in real time. Here's how we managed it: 

First, Open the Note Rush app on the iPad.

Second, Screenshare the iPad in Zoom using Airplay, be sure to 'share computer audio' so the student can hear the little 'dings' when they get the note correct. 

Then, choose your level and start the round! The student begins playing the notes they see in the screenshare. The iPad *should* pick up the computer sound and register the notes correct or not, but here are a couple things to try if it doesn't. 
    • Make sure your computer volume is all the way up & position the iPad so the mic is closer to the computer if it's not already. 
    • Watch what the student plays, and play along with them on your instrument. This way if the audio blips, or the iPad doesn't register the sound, the student will still get credit for having hit the note. 
And that's it! This should work with any app that relies on the iPad's microphone to support sight reading. One consideration is that apps that require timing accuracy, like Piano Maestro for example, would probably not work as well for this because of the inevitable internet lag time.