Recital & Party Weeks!

Our studio recital was Saturday! If you missed it, you can still enjoy the video feed here. I want to give a huge thank you to studio parents, friends & family who supported these piano kids on their work in learning their recital pieces and preparing for the performance, especially as we transitioned to online lessons for the final 6 weeks of the session. 

This week in lessons is going to be a fun week to wrap up the school year session! Here's a peek at what we'll be doing: 

  1. Debriefing the Recital -  We'll talk about everything from favorite pieces they saw their peers play (and any of those that we might be inspired to learn) to their thoughts about that type of online performance. We'll also discuss the successes and growth that we can recognize from their own performances, and students will have a chance to debrief areas that felt difficult that we can plan ahead on for the next recital. The goal of these conversations will be to help students establish a growth mindset for piano study and performance.
  2. Finishing up our Practice Challenge lanyards - Leading up to the performance we had a goal for every student to practice their performance pieces 100 times, and for every 10 they'd get a bead to add to their lanyard. This week we'll be putting the finishing touches on those lanyards and I will be delivering or mailing them to each student next week. (Along with any tote bags that have been earned for the year!)
  3. Having fun - We'll play through a favorite song or two from the year, and pull out some games that both celebrate and review some of the year's big learning achievements. This way students will head into the studio break feeling confident and positive about what they've accomplished this session. 
Thank you all for a great studio year, and to those of you who are continuing lessons in the summer and next school year, let's look forward to continuing the journey!