Piano Parent Podcast - Flipping the Script

This is going to be a quick blog post, but it's about something that I think can be incredibly valuable for piano parents (and teachers!) to keep in mind as a way to encourage piano students. 

Last month the Piano Parent Podcast did an episode where Shelly & her guest Kate Webb talked about 10 ways to 'Flip the Script'. I really enjoyed this episode because it addresses how important our own internal narrative is in our ability to be successful, and to feel confident and positive about what we are learning. If we tell ourselves that we are 'bad at piano,' then we're going to believe it and that becomes part of our story, but if we remind ourselves that we're just learning something new it can completely reshape how we approach our piano practice.

I'm embedding the podcast player from the Piano Parent Podcast website here so you can listen to the full discussion, and hopefully find some new, fresh ways to help your piano kid turn discouragement, frustration or a feeling of being stuck into a proactive, positive learning moment.

I'll share just a couple of my favorite ways Kate Webb suggests flipping the script here before signing off for today:

Instead of "Are they ahead of me?" try thinking "What can I celebrate?"
Instead of "I'm frustrated because I don't get it," try thinking "I'll circle everything I don't understand." 
Instead of "This is too hard for me" try thinking "I'll be patient and realize I'm stretching myself in a new way."