Music at the Holiday Table

Today I'm sharing a fun idea, that is not by any means new, to bring some music to the holiday table at your upcoming celebrations and family dinners during the holiday season: Musical Crackers! Christmas Crackers are a holiday tradition in the UK that sort of resemble the celebratory poppers full of confetti that we sometimes use here in the states during the 4th of July or other celebrations. However instead of containing confetti, they usually contain a paper crown and a small gift, favor or joke. Christmas Crackers make appearances in Harry Potter and other iconic British shows and books that have scenes taking place around Christmastime, and are traditionally opened at the end of the holiday meal while still at the table.

The sets that I am highlighting today are musical because each cracker contains the traditional paper crown and joke, as well as a small numbered instrument (chime, whistle or bell depending on the set you choose). They also come with some simple guides to some favorite Christmas carols. To open the crackers, two people each take hold of one end and pull. There will (hopefully) be a big pop when it cracks open, and then you can collect the little treasures inside. Once all the crackers are opened, and the paper crowns have been donned, you can use the numbered instruments to start to play the simple Christmas carols under direction of your appointed conductor, and make some fun holiday music and memories!

Here are the links to look at these for yourself on

Christmas Crackers with Whistles
Christmas Crackers with Chime Bars
Christmas Crackers with Handbells

So why am I highlighting this on a piano blog? Because I view anything that brings the joy of making music into your piano kids' lives as a win for continued growth and success in their musical studies. And during the holidays, I do believe in taking a break from the study part and just having some fun! Making merry with some music can really validate the social and communal aspects of learning to play an instrument. And Christmastime is one of the holidays that continues to be steeped in musical tradition, making it the perfect time for making music together. 

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