2019 Fall Video Recital

Welcome to our Fall 2019 Online Video Recital! Thank you for tuning in. 

Over the past month or so, piano students have been working hard both at home and in the studio on their recital selections, and once a piece was prepared we would grab a video for this online performance. What you'll watch below is a compilation of all those collected videos.

This online format for our first recital of the school year provides a lower stress performance opportunity, while still providing the essential practice in working a piece up to a performance level. It also provides a way for all of Dawn's Piano students, in McPherson and online around the country, to participate in a recital together. And I especially really like this format is because it's perfect to share with out of town friends and family who want to cheer on your piano kid but might not be able to attend a traditional recital setting. 

Parents, friends and family, thank you for supporting your piano kids on their musical journey. We've enjoyed putting these videos together for you. So without any further ado, I am proud to present our Fall 2019 Video Recital: 

Order of Performance
Sam W. & Aubrey K. - Belly Flopping Baboons, Dow
Abigail L. - Two Scoops Too Many, Dow
Caleb C. - See You Later Crater, Dow
Jace M. - Jolly Pumpkin, Dow
Paisyn W. - If I Could Wish, Crosby-Gaudet
Rynn S. -  Outer Space
Elaina C. - Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky
Myles S. - I Like Bananas
Karleigh L. - Sheldon's Sonatina, Dow
Sloan S. - Floating Snowflakes
Enzo S. - Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulais Danser!, French Traditional
Elsie W. - Spooky House, Dow
Easton H. - Til Morning Comes, Dow
Jensen H. - With Heart, Dow
Gentri C. - Ruby's Rondo, Dow
Ellie G. - Water Lilies, Paradis
Joshua L. - Chased by a Monster, original
Chloe W. - Did You Hear?, Dow
Layla M. - Take Flight, Dow
Brielle R. - Dancing With My Shadow, Lukas
Kamryn P. - Dancing Lights, King
Brooklynn I. - Carrot Waltz, Dow
Kingston S. - Something in My Piano, Stevens
Ava C. - Rise Up, Robertson
Nahla S. - Chasing the Moon, Paradis
Graham P. - All About the Candy, Stevens
Allison R. - Windsong, Paradis
Emory W. - Monster Mashup, Dow
Noah M. - Million Dreams, Pasek & Paul
Ruby T. - First Nocturne, Robertson
Wyatt H. - Amaranthine, King
Elliot S. - End Game, Eklund
Julianna J. - Let it Go, Lopez
Josiah L. - Prelude in G Minor, King
Joy P. - Awakening, Dow
James P. - Dragon Hunt, Faber
Ivan M. - Love Story, Lai
Luke A. - Sideways Blues, Fahrion
Adam M. - Attack of the Crusaders, original
Tamara M. - Rohan's Return, Dow
Dawn Ivers - Victor's Piano Solo, Elfman