Pianovember Practice Challenge

As I announced at the beginning of the year, instead of doing a year-long practice challenge this time, we are trying 4 short one-month practice challenges spread throughout this school year. I like to think of this as something like running intervals: we will do some short sprints with the month challenges, and we'll also have some time slow down to a walk to breathe in between. So, what's coming up next? Well, we wrapped up the "Fall Into Music" challenge in September, and our next one is going to start up in November when we'll be joining Pianovember hosted by the Piano Parent Podcast

In this practice challenge, students get one point every time they practice a song outside of lessons. Each student will need to keep track of tallies during their practice sessions each time they play a song, and at your lessons we will update the total tallies on the studio chart. 

But it doesn't stop there because this practice challenge is also global! This means at the end of each week, I will submit our studio's updated tallies to the challenge leaderboards, and hopefully we can see some Dawn's Piano students climb the rankings. View the leaderboards here.

For those students who are participating in the upcoming Christmas Festival, this will be a great way to motivate practice and help us be confident and ready for the performance when December rolls around. For the next couple weeks, enjoy the breather, and come November, we're off and running again as we start tallying songs practiced! 

If you're wondering how to complete this challenge to count towards your studio tote bag (remember that any student who completes two of our practice challenges will receive an exclusive studio tote bag), your goal is to collect at least 100 tallies by the end of November.