Fall Video Recital

As we head into the Fall season, it's time to start thinking about our first performance opportunity of the school year - our Fall Video Recital! 

This performance is a little different, because in it we bring together students  in McPherson & online from all over the country. Each student will record or submit a video of their prepared piece during lessons. Those videos will be compiled together, and on Saturday, November 2nd at 10:00am CST, that compilation will be posted on the Fall Video Recital facebook event as well as here on the blog. 

Some of the things I love about a video recital: 
  • Students are reminded that they are part of a national studio community, and get to cheer on their peers all over the country in the video comments.
  • Family & friends who live out of the area and would love to support your piano kids can tune in from wherever they are.
  • Having our first performance of the year be a recorded video helps build confidence for new students before they find themselves on stage in a traditional recital setting. It's a great stepping stone for a successful performance with a little less stage fright or performance jitters.
And one thing I'm really looking forward to are some of our performers will be showcasing their compositions from our Young Composers summer project as their Fall performance piece. Composing and performing original music is a terrific way for music students to perceive the value of what they are learning, and have some real, tangible ownership in their musical journey. Some of them really blew me away with their creativity this summer, and I can't wait to see them perform these pieces.

I can already tell students are going to accomplish big things this year, and this recital is just the beginning! Be sure to RSVP to the Fall Video Recital facebook event, and you are welcome to invite friends and family to do the same.