Fall into Music Practice Challenge

Our School Year Session will soon be under way, and as we head into September, we're going to participate into the "Fall into Music" Practice Challenge hosted by the Piano Parent Podcast. This is a short-term, world-wide practice challenge where each student tries to practice 20 days during the month of September. Any student who completes the challenge will receive a completion certificate, AND a brag photo on the studio social media.

We know that the real work of learning to play an instrument is in the practice time spent between lessons, and we know that parents are the ones who have the tough job of reinforcing the practice habit at home. This challenge is designed to help us start off the school year with some real motivation to practice, making the job of getting your kids back to the piano a bit easier!

So how does the Fall into Music challenge work? 

Each student will be given a practice chart to take home and track their practice days. 
(And if you'd like to make this a family practice challenge, where each family member chooses a habit to reinforce for 20 days, let me know, and I'll print you off a family chart!)  

And then we start practicing! As I mentioned earlier, this is a challenge that studios all over the world participate in, so we will be sharing our progress and success on social media using the #fallintomusic hashtag to be a part of the larger piano playing world for the month of September.

So, come September, let the practicing begin!