Local Summer Concerts

We're going to go down memory lane with Ms. Dawn for a minute here: One of my favorite things about summer as a kid was walking up to the local park with a picnic on Wednesday nights to watch the concerts performed by the Temple City community orchestra. This was a fixed point in our week during the summer that we hardly ever missed. Sometimes we would even get McDonald's for our picnic (I'm positive that had absolutely nothing to do with me liking Wednesday nights so much). While we were there, I remember pretending to conduct the orchestra, making friends with the kids the next picnic blanket over & running around together, bringing friends for play dates, and when I got older bringing a book to read while I would lay there listening to the music in the summer evening air. Those Wednesday nights are surrounded with the hazy glow of summertime nostalgia for me, and I'm sure that they played a much larger role in growing my love of music than I realized at the time. And even now, I am always very excited when summer rolls around and the outdoor concert season begins. 

So what's going on music-wise in McPherson, KS this summer? Well, perhaps you've heard of the Concerts for a Cause concert series that happens at Hopp's Sno Shack every Thursday night of June, July & August. Each of these concerts is free to attend, and features a local band or performer providing music. Not to mention that all of the evening's proceeds from the Sno Shack, Popcorn, Raffle etc go to that week's chosen charity. Because they are outdoors they are totally kid-friendly, and, just this summer, I've already seen a couple spontaneous dance parties break out right in front of the stage. My husband and I often attend these, so if you do stop by, say hi if you see us! And if you happen to check out the Concert for a Cause on August 8th featuring the music of Sonicatomica (also known as Kevin Ivers), you might see a familiar face on keys for a song or two ;-). All the proceeds that evening will be going to benefit Arts After School

If you some summertime concerts you love, or maybe you even put on one of your own, I'd love to hear about it!