Just the Way You Are - Sheet Music

Over the years I have had several students of different ages and levels request to learn Just the Way You are by Bruno Mars, because of that have ended up with two differently leveled arrangements, and now for the first time, both are available on SheetMusicPlus. Up until this point, I have had the early intermediate version available, and even though the song is now a few years old, it has consistently been one of the best sellers in my SMP Press store, so I decided to go ahead and make the more advanced version available as well. This piece works well as an audience-pleasing piano recital piece, background music at a wedding reception, anniversary party, or just to play for our own enjoyment.

The cool thing about having a couple arrangements of one piece is we can talk a little bit more about arranging music for different pedagogical levels (for those who are interested in such things). Let me take you through a little analytical listening exercise: 

First, let's listen to the early intermediate arrangement, we can hear right off the bat that we've have the introduction with the distinct syncopated rhythm that fans of the song will recognize, but the verse & chorus are following slightly simplified rhythm in the melody. We've also added harmony throughout the piece, and have included the full bridge section. Most of the harmony in this version is whole notes or blocked chords so that early intermediate students can focus on shaping the melody clearly & lyrically while building balance between the two hands. 

Second, if we listen to the later intermediate arrangement, we can hear that we've developed the left hand part quite a bit, the rhythm in the melody is more true to the original, and we've made some stylistic choices in how to break apart the chords to complement different sections of the piece. There are also added harmony notes into the right hand's part to include some secondary voicing. This gives late intermediate students the challenge to balance the two hands, as well bringing the melody out from the two voices in the right hand part, to read a highly syncopated melody line (which is very common in popular music) and end up with a more dynamic and expressive solo. 

Early Intermediate Sheet Music:
look inside Just The Way You Are - Early Intermediate Piano Solo By Bruno Mars. Arranged by Dawn Ivers. Solo Part. 4 pages. Published by Dawn Ivers (H0.209719-212208).

Later Intermediate Sheet Music:
look inside Just The Way You Are - Intermediate Piano Solo By Bruno Mars. Arranged by Dawn Ivers. 5 pages. Published by Dawn Ivers (H0.593237-212208).

Thanks for checking out this page, and going along a little dive into arranging music with me! 

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