On My Way!

We had our final recital as Dawn's Piano in Pasadena yesterday. It was an absolutely moving & terrific show. Thank you to all the performers who participated in our grand finale, and gave us all a good send-off to wherever our next stop may be. Be fore-warned, this post is going to be a little nostalgic.

As I prepare to start driving to Kansas, I know it will be a big adjustment for a city girl like me, and I remember each of the relationships built in SoCal with care, especially my piano families. I remember the students who've overcome stage fright, the ones who are fearless, the ones who have been with me for 10+ years and the ones I just started teaching in the past year. The ones who love getting brag photos taken at every accomplishment, and the ones who laugh and say no thanks to photos. The ones who practice diligently, and the ones who just play whenever they remember to, just for the joy of playing. You are all musicians in your own right. You all have your own stories to live. Thank you for letting me be a part of them.

To my students here, I will miss you. A lot. When I start my new studio, my new students will not replace you. Each piano kid has their own unique place in my journey as a music teacher. It has been so special to work with you, watch you grow and see your music take shape the past several years. Please stay in touch about any future musical (or non-musical) endeavors. I am always available by email, phone or on social media. 

If you are embarking on a little of this adventure with me by trying some online lessons, here's the page with info about setting up your equipment.  The summer session will begin on Monday, June 4th, which is also when tuition is due. See the summer session policy here, and as always let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your support, your friendship and your trust the past 12 years. 
- Ms. Dawn