Interstate Piano Moving

Part of my moving adventure has been figuring out how to get my Baby Grand from Southern California to our new home in Kansas.

So just in case anyone will need this in the future, here are the few piano movers I was referred to by the local piano technician in our new town who are in fact able to move instruments across state lines. One thing to keep in mind is that because they are interstate piano movers, you have to be flexible with your schedule to accommodate pick-up & delivery when they are in your area. 

Modern Piano Movers

Walters Piano Transport

Keyboard Carriage
Note that Keyboard Carriage will only ship between commercial locations. 

After getting some qutoes & looking at reviews, I decided to go with Modern Piano Movers. I wanted someone who would be able to pick up & deliver to a residential. And while their quote was a little higher than Walters, the reviews were glowing! 

Update: My piano arrived in great shape. They packaged it well, and were capable, friendly & professional throughout the process. Definitely recommended!

Happy piano moving!