Practice Challenges - In Review

It seems like we just launched our practice challenges in the fall, and already our studio year is wrapping up as we move towards recital season in the Spring! I applaud every one of my students who signed up for a practice challenge, and learned lessons in time management, consistency and perseverance. And I'll bet you noticed that when you were able to stick to a practice plan, you saw real growth and improvement. The saying goes: Practice makes progress, and we definitely proved that this year.

Now, I wasn't just sitting on the sidelines cheering, I did the 100 day challenge too. Let me tell you, some days it was not easy, and there may have been a few midnight practice sessions just so I wouldn't have to start over. But I set myself the challenge too because I felt it was really important to share in this experience alongside my students.

So here's how it went so far! [insert drumroll]

In the 100 day challenge, congratulations to:
Tyler D.
Addyson D. 
Isabella C.
Luke A.
Sarah G.
Ananya B.
Shreya B.

And keep an eye out for their names in Piano Explorer Magazine!
 UPDATE: Here you can see their names printed in the July/August issue of the magazine! 

And in the 40 piece challenge, congratulations to:
Andrew Kwong

Participants who completed were invited to attend Pasadena Art Night with us on March 9th, and can also join us for a night of Tcaikovsky, Wagner, Franck & Prokofiev with the Pasadena Community Orchestra on March 16th.

And there are still a few weeks until the recital where we will hand out the certificates, so keep it up to get recognition for your accomplishment on stage at our Spring Recital! Anyone who finishes before then will also get their name added to this page.