Flashnote Derby

By now you all know I'm a huge fan of gamification. So here's another great app you can use to supplement your piano student's practice time at home and grow their sight reading skills.

Flash Note Derby is a race where your horse runs faster when you play the correct notes. If you get too many wrong, you may fall behind. I really like this app because it rewards careful consideration, and 'guessing' will end up hurting your chances in the game. 

Another great thing is that you can customize which notes will be used, AND those customizatons can even be shared by email. This means I as the teacher can send you a preset each week with a specialized set of notes that you can practice at home. Just open the email on your device with the app, tap the link in the email, and you are good to go! 

If you are able to use this app in your home practice time, please let me (or your teacher) know so we can be sure to help you get set up each week, and create presets that will correspond to your piano kid's place in their musical journey,

This app is available on both the iTunes Store and on GooglePlay