Christmas Music - New Playlist!

When is it too early to start thinking about holiday music? Well, if you're a music teacher, the planning for new music begins in early fall at the latest. Before September was over I had already placed 2 large orders for new holiday sheet music collections & downloaded several studio licenses for individual pieces to start preparing for the holiday season!

Part of this is because heading into the holidays is one of my personal favorite seasons. I get excited by how life speeds up in anticipation of slowing down, and I truly enjoy the music that surrounds this time of year, and how people share it with one another. I also recognize that not everyone feels this way about holiday music, so I made sure to include some lovely new wintry piano solos from Musica Ferrum in the planning this year instead of all Christmas & Hannukah classics.

One factor that really makes my piano teacher heart happy this time of year is that students are excited about reviewing music from previous years. Occasionally circling back to cover concepts again and work through sight reading older pieces is an important part of music education and repertoire development, but sometimes it feels like a drag to a young student. The holidays are perfect times to bring out the old pieces, and help them build a larger repertoire. This is a time of year when I can really emphasize the importance of maintaining a playlist.

And speaking of playlists, here is one I put together last year to share with family! We are spread all over the country and not always able to all get together in person, so this was my way of sharing holiday music and bringing us all a little closer. Have a listen below. (If you're on a mobile device, just click "Listen in Browser"). And I've linked to all the sheet music below in case you would like to purchase them to try yourself. These are some truly wonderful arrangers!

White Christmas, original sheet music by Irving Berlin (found in my grandmother's collection)
Let it Snow arr. by Dawn Ivers