Climb on board the Wunderbus, the updated edition of Wunderkeys is here!

Created by Andrea & Trevor Dow, this method is an early childhood method for music education. The series focuses on early musical concepts with fun and engaging games, rhymes, songs and off-the-bench activities. All along the way, students are building an awareness of crucial musical elements like hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, rhythm, sequence, pattern recognition, early math & counting skills and so much more. And it is perfectly paced for preschool students ages 3-5.

Not only is the music part great, but it is also just plain fun. Join Thumbelina, Pointer Panda, Middleton Mouse, Ringo and Pinky Pig as they explore the fundamentals of music and keyboard theory together in an original and truly engaging way. 

And we here at Dawn's Piano are proud and excited to be able to offer this method to our youngest students! If you or anyone you know would like to inquire about availability for preschool lessons, let us know by sending us a note to say hello.