Making Music Fun - App Review!
I get a lot of music from, as many of my students have commented after seeing this website at the bottom of many of their music sheets. So, I was quite pleased to find out that they were creating an app!
This app is a small piano library for beginning pianists, and what's really great is that it does not require a lot of teacher help to work through. That means it can be a great sight-reading addition to practice time.

It includes about 20 beginning piano pieces, and on each page there is a fun fact about the song, and a playback feature so students can hear how the piece should sound as they learn it. It's simple, fun and educational. It costs $1.99, and when compared to the cost of a lesson book (usually around $6), it is a very good value. If you click on the icon above, you can view it on the app store. Happy practicing!